There are many different materials used in eyeglass frames. Metal, plastic and carbon fiber frames are the most common. The Eyeglass Shop believes is committed to educating our customers about their choices in eyeglasses. If you have a question, contact us.

Frame style options


  • Full Rim Frames – Robust, work well for most prescriptions and suit people who want to accentuate the appearance of their eyewear and make a statement.
  • Rimless Frames – Lightweight and suitable for people who wear their glasses for long periods of time or have sensitive skin, with the cosmetic benefit of a minimalist appearance.
  • Semi-Rimless Frames – Also known as nylon, they have similar features to Rimless Frames, but offer subtle definition with more color options.
  • Half-Eye Frames – Useful as a second pair, they generally sit low on the nose bridge and are used for reading or hobbies where high detail is required, allowing the wearer unrestricted distance vision.

Frame Materials

  • Monel Meta – A lightweight, corrosion-resistant alloy usually an alloy of nickel and copper, is the most popular material for creating frames with a wide variety of color and style options.
  • Titanium and Stainless Steel – Extremely strong, lightweight and reliable in humid conditions with frames that are easily adjustable, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic, providing comfort for sensitive skin.
  • Plastic – Lightweight and bridge fittings spread the weight of glasses evenly, providing better comfort and making it ideal for full-time frame wearers, with a huge range of styles and colors.
  • Carbon Fiber – A cutting edge textile, being the most lightweight, flexible and toughest material currently available at OPSM – great for active lifestyles, or for those who want the latest technology and highest quality.

Frame Parts

  • Bridge – the area which rests on the nose.
  • Eyewire – Runs around the border of eyewear lenses.
  • Frame – The structure holding the lenses to the face.
  • Hinge – Connects the temple to the rest of the frame.
  • Lens – the prescription part of eyewear.
  • Nose Pads – Located in the bridge area; they help to distribute the weight for a comfortable fit.
  • Temple – the side pieces that hold the eyewear to the ear.